Eat Whole Grains For Healthy Life

The Whole grains square measure higher for you than refined ones, as a result of they contain the whole intact grain kernel and much of fiber and nutrition. The Agriculture Department recommends substitution refined grains in your diet with whole-grain breads, pastas, kookie and cereals. to create positive you’re shopping for the proper merchandise, check ingredient labels and certify the planet “whole” comes before every grain.

Here’s a day’s price of sample menus, incorporating whole grains, from Janet Ophthalmics rhombus, a registered dietician and author of cholesterol Down: ten straightforward Steps to Lower Your cholesterol in four Weeks — while not prescribed drugs.

(SPECIAL: the way to opt for a Healthy Breakfast Cereal)

a pair of grain waffles
• ¼ cup light-weight sirup
one cup sliced strawberries
one cup fat less milk
one arduous coddled egg

curd peanut wrap: use factory-made baked curd thinly sliced; increase a whole-grain wrap with sliced red bell pepper and snow peas; unfold one tablespoon Thai peanut sauce on wrap and assemble
• Baby carrots
eight ounces low-sodium vegetable juice

• Shrimp fajitas: add grilled red pepper, garlic and onions to the shrimp and season with Mexican spices; roll into a grain batter cake and prime with condiment
• Black beans and rice
one glass vino (optional)

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