Calories And Fat In Healthy Beans Soy

Healthy Foods BenefitsHealthy Food Street provide a short details of healthy foods item and their calories and fat quantity which are essential for a healthy human body. This is a nutrition research and it look like a sizzling discovery of this week. This research give you an idea that how healthy beans and soy help us and how they fulfill the body requirements. This is a package of different foods including these healthy foods. Click on following food category for details:-

Beans & SoyCalories/ Fat For Healthy body
Beans (kidney, black, navy)1 cup, cooked contains 220 to 270 calories and 0 g fat
Soy milk1 cup contains 81 calories and 4 g fat
Soy protein isolate powder1 oz contains 95 calories and 1 g fat
Tofu1/2 cup contains 97 calories and 6 g fat
Textured vegetable protein1/2 cup, rehydrated contains 60 calories and 0 g fat

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